ColdFusion Is Good For Creating Web Applications

Whay coldFusion is good for developing web based applications ColdFusion is optimized for developing Web and Mobile Applications. Compatible with JAVA – ColdFusion run on top of Java and allows you to use existing Java code. Developers have access ColdFusion Open Source libraries, frameworks and projects. ColdFusion is perfect for creating web apps that will… Continue reading ColdFusion Is Good For Creating Web Applications

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Detecting online/offline status

Detecting whether the browser is online or not. navigator.onLine is working fine in Mozilla Firefox and Opera Using the code var onlineOfflineStatus=navigator.onLine ? ‘online’ : ‘offline’; alert(onlineOfflineStatus); But this code not work in Chrome Use ajax jquery var connectSuccess = 0; $.ajax({ type: “POST”, url: ‘onlineOfflineTested.php’, cache: false, dataType: “html”, success: function(data){ connectSuccess = 1;… Continue reading Detecting online/offline status