Coldfusion · Professional

Adobe® ColdFusion® 9 new functionality

Working with spreadsheets

See how ColdFusion 9 enables you read and write data to spreadsheets using the new CFSPREADSHEET tag.

Managing Adobe AIR data synchronization

See how to automatically manage the online/offline capabilities of Adobe AIR® applications with ColdFusion 9.

Ajax controls, data grid

See how the ColdFusion data grid can be implemented as a rich Ajax control with easy-to-use CFML tags, requiring no knowledge of JavaScript or other Ajax elements.

Using the Ajax proxy

Learn how to easily bind a client-side Ajax application to a ColdFusion component on the server with the ColdFusion CFAJAXPROXY tag.

Creating on-demand presentations

See how to dynamically generate a rich on-demand presentation for multimedia product experiences, eLearning, and more.

Working with PDF forms

See how ColdFusion allows you to populate and extract data from PDF forms for a printable, portable way to share information and collect data from application users.


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